Many Czech and foreign companies have successfully incorporated the two handymen into their business activities and such companies have repeatedly extended the cooperation with us for many years.

Would you like to produce and sell goods with the Pat and Mat theme, or to involve the puppets in the promotion of your business? Do you wish to realize a theater production or to screen episodes with our handymen?

Whatever idea You have, we will be happy to discuss your plan with You, please don´t hesitate to contact Ms. Tereza Bene¹ová, Sales Manager:





















Ku»áci ... a je to! Pat a Mat - زينغو و رينغو  - Zeca e Joca - I to je to! Pat i Mat - En Pat i en Mat - Buurman en Buurman, De twee stuntels - ...and that's it!, Pat and Mat - Hupsis!, Pat ja Mat - ...und fertig!, Peter und Paul, Pat und Mat - Kétbalkezesek, Pat és Mat - Klaufabárðarnir - パットとマット - Пат и Мат - To gode naboer -  پت و مت - S±siedzi, Pat i Mat - Тяпа и Ляпа, Пат и Мат, Соседи - A je to! Pat in Mat - Pat y Mat - Två snubbar - Sepp und Heiri - Now a Ned



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