On 3.5. In 2022, the Pat and Mat exhibition was opened at the Old Town Hall in Jindřichův Hradec.










Pat a Mat slaví 45 let.







At the XI International Film Festival in the Russian city Ulyanovsk

Marek Beneš and his wife Věra met audience of the "Pat and Mat in

Action Again" movie which was screened there. The festival took place

from 23 to 28 May 2019.








On 23 and 24 February, the Czech Centres arranged a screening,

lecture and workshop with Pat and Mat puppets. It took place at the

Animac festival in Catalan Lleida, Spain. There was also given a speech

by Marek Beneš and his daughter Tereza. Pat and Mat even aroused

the interest of Peter Lord from the Aardman animation studio.






Ms. Dáša Müllerová, who made the first puppet costume designer Pat and Mata

in the studio of Jiří Trnka in 1975, went to see our studio.


In the museum of the 20th century in the town of Hoorn in the Netherlands, about 50km north from Amsterdam,  there is a exhibition of "Pat and Mat”. The exhibition willl last until the January 6th, 2019. We have visited the museum last week for the meeting with our licensees in the Netherlands where Pat and Mat are also called Buurman en Buurman, which means Neighbour and Neighbour. After the meeting with the licensees there was a meeting with our fans, children from the Netherlands. We were again delighted to see that our heroes are still bringing to the new a new generations of children.






We attended the screening of the new episodes from the new series Pat and Mat entertain us in Grenoble, France on 25th February. The screening was held in the cinema Le Melies. It was nice to see that the french audience is also big fan of our two “stars”. Merci beaucoup!







On April 20, 2017 we took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition of our film stars at the Grévin Wax Museum. On this occasion Pat and Mat were given "Honorable Mention" from the mayor of Prague 1.

An interactive show on one floor of the Grévin Wax Museum in Celetná street in Prague will take place until the end of summer holidays.





“We have attended the happening in Aviodrome in the town of Lelystad, Netherlands. Pat and Mat are the real celebrities here. We thank all our Dutch fans for attending and the great support.“ During the happening, the new book “A JE TO“ by Robert Lagendijk, covering the 40 years history of the tv series, was introduced.    












































On the occasion of the 10th International Animated Films Festival (Большой фестиваль мультфильмов) in Moscow from 27 October to 7 November 2016 was projected "Pat and Mat in a Movie." Film was introduced in the Rolan cinema by its creator Marek Beneš and the audience was enthusiastic about it.




       November 6, 2016 Marek Beneš led a workshop with Pat and Mat. This took place in the cultural center Zil in Moscow and the co-organizer of the event were the Czech Centres.






Only on opensea






Kuťáci ... a je to! Pat a Mat - زينغو و رينغو  - Zeca e Joca - I to je to! Pat i Mat - En Pat i en Mat - Buurman en Buurman, De twee stuntels - ...and that's it!, Pat and Mat - Hupsis!, Pat ja Mat - ...und fertig!, Peter und Paul, Pat und Mat - Kétbalkezesek, Pat és Mat - Klaufabárðarnir - パットとマット - Пат и Мат - To gode naboer -  پت و مت - Sąsiedzi, Pat i Mat - Тяпа и Ляпа, Пат и Мат, Соседи - A je to! Pat in Mat - Pat y Mat - Två snubbar - Sepp und Heiri - Now a Ned



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